Huck Finn Diner – Union

Now Offering Online Ordering

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Available until midnight daily!

Huck Finn Diner of Union is now open for inside and outside dining!

We are now open from 6am – Midnight.

As always, take-out will be available during these hours, please call your order in ahead of time so that we can have it ready for you. We are also going to be providing delivery services for the Union and Springfield areas using Doordash, Uber Eats and Grubhub (use the links above). For our customers’ convenience, we will gladly accept credit card payment over the phone.

We will continue to support our community to the best of our abilities. Together we will overcome this Pandemic and as a result become stronger as a whole.

Stay safe and support your local businesses.
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Huck Finn Diner

Old-school eatery serving breakfast, burgers, American comfort food & classic Italian dishes.We have an impressive salad bar with lots of salad toppings and pasta salads.The Huck Finn Diner also has a full bar which serves up beer, wine, and cocktails if you’re in need of a drink with your meal.

Salad Bar

We have an impressive salad bar with lots of salad toppings and pasta salads.


The Huck Finn diner has an impressive dessert display including giant elephant ears, assorted cheesecakes, and pies.